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Dolphin Delivery - Stay Connected!

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Dolphin Delivery - Stay Connected!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Thursday, 2 April 2020, 12:27 PM

Dolphin Delivery Dolphin Delivery - April 3, 2020

Hello Deep Cove Dolphins....

As we navigate these new waters we want families to stay connected!  Our goal will be to send home a Stay Connected message each day - hopefully in the mornings, but if the fish run is good in the morning and we are busy eating then it may arrive a bit later.  The delivery will feature ways to stay connected to our Deep Cove Beliefs and our Virtue of the week, any important NEWS and/or updates for families, and some opportunities for connecting through some surveys/challenges - and maybe there might be a few surprises!  Look for these Dolphin Deliveries starting on Monday.

The Dolphins are doing a Happy Dance!!!  Do you know why??

After so much uncertainty and worry recently, we are thrilled to receive this announcement from Science World:

Congratulations – your team Deep Cove Battles Plastic has won a $1 000 Green Grant to further your green endeavours at your school! Your project was selected because it: 

·         Demonstrated clear environmental action

·         Had a strong student voice & community involvement

·         Was presented as an engaging story

Way to go Dolphins and a HUGE thank you to all the effort, creativity and skill that went into producing this film.  If you haven't already see it click on the link below.

Great news as we round the corner to the end of our first week back.  Stay healthy - swim hard and keep practising your Dolphin tricks! Dolphin Joke 1