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Administrative Announcement for 2018-19

Administrative Announcement for 2018-19
by Steve MacGregor - Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 8:14 AM

In addition to the announcement below from Superintendent Eberwein, I know you will join me in extending a huge thanks to Nicole McCron for the outstanding job she continues to do as vice-principal at Deep Cove this year.  We wish Nicole all the best for the remainder of this school year, and for her upcoming maternity leave.

The following is part of a districtwide admin announcement from Superintendent Eberwein that pertains to Deep Cove's administrative team for the 2018-2019 school year:

Ecole Deep Cove Elementary School
Principal - Mr. Steve MacGregor has been appointed as Principal.  Steve has been in a term position as Principal at Deep Cove Elementary this past year.  Steve has now been converted to a continuing appointment.
Vice-Principal - Ms. Mary Kaercher has been appointed as Vice-Principal.  This is a continuing appointment.  Mary is currently at Sidney Elementary School as aTeacher-librarian and Music Teacher specialist.  She has also previously taught in a regular enrolling classroom at both the elementary and middle school levels.