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North Saanich Middle School Play

North Saanich Middle School Play
by Steve MacGregor - Monday, 30 April 2018, 12:59 PM

Please see the note below with regard to a play being presented at NSMS.

North Saanich Middle School is excited to present the theatrical production: "Drop Dead, Juliet!" by Allison Williams

Juliet has had enough! Enough with the poison, enough with the stabbing, and especially enough with the dying. She wants a new story and she wants it now. More parts for girls! More romance! Less death!

Romeo and Juliet will never be the same - or will it? Not everyone's so keen on the changes. And why is Romeo sneaking off with Rosaline?

Our opening night is fast approaching!  Only at middle school would you find a theatrical production which merges converse and corsets, Austin Powers with Elizabethan poetry, unrequited love punctuated with a flashlight dance number starring our Tech Crew, and props that range from scrolls and quills to strobe lights and bubble wands.  The students have taken the lead - the ideas are theirs, they have built the props, they provide the lights and sound and the teacher sponsors look forward to seeing it all come together.

Our performance nights are Wednesday, May 9 and ThursdayMay 10th at 7:00 p.m.  

Cost:  $5 per ticket or a family pack of 4 for $10.  Please contact the NSMS Office for tickets.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the work of our talented students!

Doug Caley
North Saanich School