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Dolphin Deliver January 11, 2022

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Dolphin Deliver January 11, 2022
by Shelley Hardcastle - Tuesday, 11 January 2022, 10:18 AM

  Dolphin Delivery T0Q47P1cFrQOPmAr1y0Wv0Y9thpFb6mlt_XqRVY23GWh8q6qoAAnyqVDj4DcpFWcjsDr2A2b3F1iQuyKC7cwNvBo9UQ3BwPLWVW1K_GXh3ljpqcX3L0HiDYI4e2AXEpzyNDIj4Re Tuesday, January 11

As we make our way through January a reminder to have a spare set of clothes in backpacks in case the outdoor conditions lend to a slip or splash!  January has also brought the start of Carnaval to Deep Cove.  Stay tuned for an overview of how that will look this year! 

Around the school, many things look the same as they did prior to the break with a few reminders and a few things we have reverted back and put in place such as:

  • mask wearing  with reminders to make sure that they fit and are not sliding beneath the nose. It is a GOOD idea to send your child with a few masks for the day, and you are even welcome to send in a box to have on hand.
  • washing hands, washing hands, washing hands!!!
  • limiting hallway congestion by using exterior classroom doors. 
  • continuing with Virtual assemblies.
  • reminders for all to do a daily health check! Please do not send your child if at all sick
  • recesses and lunch hours are now staggered.
  • staff have organized classes to follow H and S protocols 
  • requesting that parents remain at the perimeter of the school grounds at drop off an pick up times to minimize  congestion near school
The District is closely monitoring attendance (Staff and Students) and it would be very helpful if you could indicate the reason for your child's absence  especially if they are sick.  No need to specify the sickness, but knowing they are ill (vs being kept home but not actually symptomatic) is helpful to monitor

Thank you to each of you for supporting your child(ren) and your family.  It feels like we are in the last 10 km of an Ultra Ultra Marathon.  

We can do this ..... one step in front of the other.