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Welcome Back Dolphins!

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Welcome Back Dolphins!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 2:36 PM

DolphinBonjour Les Familles de Deep Cove!  It has been a terrific first few days.  

We have welcomed 27 new or returning students this week.  To those returning after remote learning - Welcome Back.  To our new to Deep Cove families we hope you are settling nicely into your new living spaces and will soon find yourself ensconced in the beautiful Deep Cove community!  I know the staff and community will join me in saying WELCOME!

I wanted to say a very grateful thank you to all the parents who continue to practice Health and Safety protocols around the school yard.  Thank you for families remaining closer to the perimetre which really helps minimize crowding.  We really appreciate your understanding that although some protocols can not be mandated, the safety of ALL our students is important and our combined commitment makes a difference!

At this time we are still recommending limited and only essential reasons for entering the building (please call first). and, when necessary, it is appreciated that masks are a consideration when approaching the building.  Of course, inside the building, all Grade 4 upward and staff are wearing masks and ALL visitors are required to sign in as well as wear a mask.  There will be opportunities to come into the school once we are settled and back in routine and more information will follow. 

A few things to note:

  • students are requested to leave all toys, fidgets etc. at home.  If your child needs a fidget we can supply one from our school resources.
  • thanks to the many who have used the School Supply link  - still available if needed on website
  • stay tuned for information about an Open House Opportunity but save the date: October 7th - this is an early closing date and will have options available for families. 
  • Special Funding Request information will be coming out through PAC - stay tuned for that as well! 

I am sure we will all be tired by Friday with this long missed routine back in place.  Take care of yourselves and each other!  We look forward to connecting over this coming school year!