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La semaine du Carnaval / Carnival Week

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La semaine du Carnaval / Carnival Week
by Julien Michaud - Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 10:18 AM

Welcome/Bienvenue to the week of January 29th – February 1st as we will be celebrating Carnaval Week. Please join us.

During Carnaval week, Crêpes will be served in each class by parent helpers. You will also see and hear students learning Carnaval songs and explore the Carnaval vocabulary.

Tuesday, January 29th

Jersey Day: Hockey, soccer, baseball, etc

Wednesday, January 30th,

Lumberjack Day: Please encourage your child to wear Plaid shirt, suspenders, sash and jeans.

Thursday morning, January 31st

Ice sculptures:

Each student will bring their own blocks of ice from home, to help build the Deep Cove Ice Sculpture in the front of the school.

The Ice Sculpture – We are asking each child to bring one or two ice blocks of ice (the size of your choice, the bigger, the better). Please remove the plastic containers before sending the ice to school and do not dye the water.

Friday February 1st

Wwe will all wear RED and WHITE as it is the colours that bohnhomme Caranval is wearing.

Friday afternoon, we will be concluding the week with a Carnaval Assembly in the Gymnasium at 1:45 pm. At this Assembly, we will give Bonhomme the key to Deep Cove School, we will crown our Deep Cove king and queen, and we join Bonhomme in a Carnaval parade.

There is a great Carnaval website We hope that you can join us for of the many events that we have prepared for our students.

Merci/ Thank you! Joyeux Carnaval