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Teddy Anderson Residency Next Week

Teddy Anderson Residency Next Week
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 18 January 2019, 3:54 PM

Our artist-in-residence this year is Teddy Anderson and his residency spans all of next week.  Teddy performs hoop dancing and teaches the children the techniques and traditions of the dance.  All classes work with Teddy and there will be a performance with him during the day on Friday, January 25th.  If you wish to join us for the end of the week performances please see the schedule below to know when your child might be performing.  Thank you to the PAC for the contribution towards Teddy's residency.

Friday Hoop Dance Performances
Morning Performance (10:00) Afternoon Performance (1:00)
Kaercher/Brown Makuch
Lee Lanouette
Beaudry Werk/Swan
Holland Drolet
McIntyre Hill
Norris-Jones/von Schuckmann Loeb
Haugen Van Dusen