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Track Meet at UVIC (Grade 3,4,5)

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Track Meet at UVIC (Grade 3,4,5)
by Nicole McCron - Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 3:24 PM

Hi everyone,

As we prepare for the track meet tomorrow, there are a few reminders and some important information to share with families.

For students meeting us at UVic, it would be best to be there for 9:00a.m/9:15a.m (the 800m race starts at 9:30 sharp).  Parking will be a challenge, so we suggest parking a lot a bit further away and walking to the stadium to avoid congestion.  You can also pre-pay for parking online to avoid the waits at the parking stations.

For students taking the bus, please meet in the Big Gym.  We will be taking attendance there and handing out jerseys.  Staff will be in the gym starting at 8:20a.m. in an effort to send our first bus out as soon as possible.  The second bus will depart at 8:55a.m. at the latest with or without your child if you are late.

Students will be sorted into groups and will have a teacher for the day.  This is the teacher they must be signed out with when they leave UVic.

Grade 3 Girls: Mme Veronica

Grade 3 Boys: Mme Beaudry

Grade 4 Girls: Mrs. Von Schuckmann

Grade 4 Boys: Mme Drolet

Grade 5 Girls: Mme Lee

Grade 5 Boys: M. Makuch

- Although the end time of the meet depends on how long the events take, Parents should be at UVic for 2:15p.m. to pick up their child.  Please make sure to sign your child out with their grade group teacher. Remember that there isn’t a bus home.

- A reminder of the need for proper behaviour in the stands as we are representing our school.  The top sections of the stands will be roped off. We ask your cooperation in seeing that students do not go beyond the tape. Students should be seated in the stands when not competing. If your child's behaviour becomes problematic,  we will ask that you come pick them up early.

- No students are allowed on the track unless running in an event. No students are allowed on the field or on the grass on the outside of the track (they will be sitting in the stands in order to make sure they don't miss their race).

- Please pack a lunch, snacks, extra water and layered clothing as it is a long day at UVIC and you never know what the weather forecast will be.

Thank you all for your support, we are looking forward to a wonderful day at UVIC!