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Great to See all the Smiling Faces today!!

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Great to See all the Smiling Faces today!!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Monday, 4 April 2022, 2:44 PM

Welcome Back Everyone

It was wonderful to see the smiling faces back at school today.  We were lucky that Mother Nature sunnied up just in time to go out for recess.  Just a reminder that as per the new Mask Mandate:

  • Masks will now be a choice for all students and staff in our buildings (K-12), and one that will be respected as a personal decision.  This is in response to the PHO Health Order from March 11th.

If you have travelled internationally during Spring Break you and your children are still required to follow all Federal COVID-19 Regulations.  These regulations can be found in their entirety on the Government of Canada website, but I’ve highlighted some key points below:

  • All adults and children (aged 5 and older) who travelled internationally must wear a well-constructed and well-fitting mask at all indoor and outdoor public spaces, including K–12 schools, for the first 14 days after entry.
  • This means that wearing a mask at school is not a personal choice for 14 days after entry into Canada if you have travelled internationally.
  • Adults and children must also monitor for symptoms for 14 days after entry and follow federal requirements for self-isolation and quarantine if symptoms develop and/or they test positive for COVID-19.
Can you believe that we are now in April and looking forward to enjoying this beautiful Spring!  Cross Country season has started, we have an Artist in Residence named Benoit visiting us starting this Friday and Earth Day around the corner.

I hope these bursts of sunshine bring you some joy in your day!