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Hot Lunch - Update, Reminders and Important Information

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Hot Lunch - Update, Reminders and Important Information
by Shelley Hardcastle - Monday, 4 April 2022, 1:11 PM

A message from your PAC and Hot Lunch Co-ordinators

Let’s talk Hot Lunch! We thought we would reach out with some tips with our MunchaLunch site. 

We realize Munchalunch (our Hot Lunch site) is new for many and with a two year break from having hot lunches we thought an overview would be helpful! 

First off, we have a new Hot Lunch coordinator so we had a lot of learning along the way and we appreciate your patience as we all learned the ropes! 

The Hot Lunch dates for the year - 

April 28th ~ deadline for ordering April 20th 

•May 26th ~ deadline for ordering May 18th 

•June 16 ~deadline for ordering June 8th 

If you are interested in helping with Hot Lunches please let us know at 

It’s about an hour commitment during the lunch time hour. 

Munchalunch Tips and Important Reminders:

•The option of making one order for the year - where you would order for each month all at once. This is a nice option of not having to remember to order each month smile 

•The deadline for orders is eight days prior to the Hot Lunch date. Our suppliers need the orders in by the deadline and unfortunately no add on’s can be made after that date. 

•There is an option of making changes to each order. As long as the change is made eight days prior to the Hot Lunch date, the change will be allowed. 

•If by chance PAC has to cancel Hot Lunch due to an unforeseen circumstance, eg, health order, labour strike etc - Munchalunch issues a credit that can be applied to another month’s order; however, this is not done automatically - you would need to go into the Munchalunch site and apply that credit to a new date. 

•If you are not wanting a Munchalunch credit but a refund - PAC would need to issue this refund and payment will be made by cheque. You would need to email PAC to let us know that you are wanting a refund. There is process so please allow us some to complete this. 

The order is not complete until payment has been received. The system does not include orders if there has been no payment.

Please directly email any Hot Lunch questions to PAC at