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Visitors to Deep Cove

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Visitors to Deep Cove
by Mary Kaercher - Monday, 7 March 2022, 9:55 AM

On March 2, Provincial restrictions made by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) under the Public Health Act were amended.  There are now no restrictions for visitors to our school, however all visitors must still wear masks when inside the building.  

Here are some more notes regarding this: 
    1. All visitors will need to sign in/out at the office when they arrive/leave the building.    
    2. Parents do not need to call to enter the school.  
      1. Please come into the office to pick up your children.  You will be asked to sign your child out.
      2. If you know that your child will be picked up early, please inform their classroom teacher so we can have them ready to go at the office at that time. 
Links to Ministry Documents: