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Dolphin Delivery

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Dolphin Delivery
by Shelley Hardcastle - Tuesday, 4 January 2022, 4:40 PM


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  Dolphin Delivery - a rather long one!

Welcome to 2022! Staff are working hard this week to prepare for the return of students next week. We are reviewing health and safety measures some which have already been in place, and others which will enhance staff and student safety as we navigate these next few weeks.  Below you will find health and safety reminders and information to review as a family.  

1. Please continue to do Daily Health Checks. Two copies of the health check will be coming home next week.  Please keep one in a handy reference spot (fridge?) and one to be signed and returned to school to acknowledge your understanding.  The form is also posted on our school website, and posted at the entrance to each classroom.  Here are some additional resources for you to use with regards to Daily Health Checks:

2. Increased temporary enhanced school and district measurements as per BCCDC, Vancouver Island Health and the Ministry of Education include: 

  • School Assemblies continue to remain virtual.

  • Limit visitor access to essential visitors only - please call  if you need to access and/or communicate with the front office.

  • Reduce face to face classroom configuration (where possible)

  • Create more space between tables & desks (classroom configuration) 

  • Implement strategies to reduce crowding during transition & break times within existing resources.  We will continue to enter and exit the school using outside classroom doors.  

  • Regularly review health and safety protocols such as handwashing, mask wearing and distancing from one and another.

3. Hand Washing remains one of the most important ways we can reduce the spread of any virus and staff promote the importance of digilent hand washing to students regularly verbally and through visual posters.  A great family conversation!!  K-12 and COVID 19 Website

4.  The PHO Order – Face Coverings requires all students, staff and visitors to wear a mask indoors at school. Everyone who is able to (i.e., does not have a mask exemption) must wear a mask. Schools must remind parents/caregivers that mask wearing is a public health order and include daily reminders to staff and students during school announcements, and through visual prompts such as posters. 

As we move through the week we will send updates and information.  We thank you all for what you are doing to support our community.