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Deep Cove Exposure

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Deep Cove Exposure
by Shelley Hardcastle - Friday, 1 October 2021, 8:17 AM

It is likely you have heard that Island Health has determined that one of the classes at Deep Cove will be absent on Friday due to a COVID exposure.  Island Health has determined that the class only needs to self-isolate for a short time due to the exposure dates and students will be welcomed back on Monday.  Island Health has determined that there is no additional risk to the school and that anyone who is double vaxed does NOT need to self-isolate but only monitor for any possible symptoms (as is recommended for all).

We understand that this message may increase anxious (or other) feelings.  Our collective role in this situation is important.  We need to support each other, remain calm and continue to follow Health and Safety guidelines.   You may also be interested in the following resources for support:

Please reach out to the school if you have any further questions 250-656-7254.