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Reminder re: school and playground access - Thank you!

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Reminder re: school and playground access - Thank you!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Wednesday, 21 April 2021, 11:02 AM

Hello Deep Cove Families!

Thank goodness for this sunshine that is helping to boost our spirits.  As we round the corner and get closer to the finish line of what seems an Ultra Marathon, staff are digging deep to stay positive, healthy and do their best to support all of our community.  At this time, we are reminding families that If you arrive late with your child, please PHONE  the office from the parking lot and one of the staff will greet them at the door.  If you need to drop off or pick up children and/or items during school hours, please PHONE the office and someone will come out to you.  We hope you understand that we continue to minimize "extra" people entering the school and appreciate your support with this during these last 10 weeks of the school year, and especially with the increased restrictions by the Province.

A huge thank you to all who are helping to maintain our Health and Safety protocols.  Together we WILL cross the finish line.