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Thursday, May 7 - Dolphin Delivery - Stay Connected

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Thursday, May 7 - Dolphin Delivery - Stay Connected
by Shelley Hardcastle - Thursday, 7 May 2020, 9:14 AM

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Good morning Deep Cove Families,
As you are likely aware, the Minister made some significant announcements yesterday afternoon.  I anticipate that you (as do I) have about 3 zillion questions whooshing around in your heads.  At this time, no formal plan has been decided upon in Saanich.  Different Districts around the Province are approaching this in different ways.   We know that Saanich is working collaboratively with all partner groups to interpret the Provincial message. As soon as we are able we will communicate with families about any possible next steps.

Our ability to stay connected is more important than ever.  Please know we are here and encourage you to reach out as needed.   Staying connected and communicating with one another does help to navigate these new waters.  If we all paddle together we will get there!!

Finding ways to build some CREATIVITY into your days can help with this navigation.
For some CREATIVE INSPIRATION check out Mme. Mohrs' link:

Add a PINCH of Creativity to your day - today.