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Welcome Back - Stay Connected - Share Your Learning

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Welcome Back - Stay Connected - Share Your Learning
by Shelley Hardcastle - Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 7:48 AM

2_tamHYlvWQDfdOnBvcHGawJddhNPbxngUQPeEBlsGlN7XmrIQxaDoiF642wOGWg4aONwsTzTD3mq7yichrqbxuj45uc8WKnGTnzJK1QZ8quOtwRyl2J9Hn-V_NJQ9LxPEWt45li     Dolphin Daily – Tuesday, April 14, 2020-  Stay connected!

Welcome back after a sunny weekend.   We hope you will be able to find your way to our CONNECTING DOLPHINS site to add some pictures of what Cooperation looks like at your house. Below (as well as attached) is a reminder of how to access this safe, District developed, site to share your learning:

Go to the Deep Cove Website

Click Login in the top right corner of the site

Only students and staff can log in

Log in using your student number and school computer password (

Click on the Connecting Dolphins button at the top of the Home page


Click on the Enrol me button


Click on the Question of the week


Click on Add images

Drag and drop your picture onto the blue arrow 

We look forward to connecting our learning experiences as a school community!

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