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Good Things to Talk About and Pro-D on Monday

Good Things to Talk About and Pro-D on Monday
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 5 April 2019, 4:35 PM
A reminder that Monday is a pro-d day and students are not in session.  Some good things to talk about below:

  • Dance Club and its more than 60 members performed a super dress rehearsal of their routine for the school, families, and community members today.  They were awesome!  Thanks to Mme. McCron, Mme. Nadine, Mme. Reid, and M. Makuch for all their time with this crew over the past months.  You'll be great at Festival at UVic on Tuesday.
  • The Michael Mitchell concert on Thursday was a big hit.  Thanks to the PAC for funding the show and to the De Greef family for the idea.
  • A number of classes had presentations from Swan Lake this week.  Snakes were the topic of discussion in at least a couple of presentations.
  • Gardening and courtyard projects kicked into high gear with the nice weather.  Special thanks to Ms. Loeb's class as well as Andrea and Nick Kreiger for volunteering to tidy up the courtyard.  It looks great!
  • Cross-country is off to a great start for our grade 2-5 runners.  Thanks to all the teachers and a few parents who have volunteered to jog with the kids and organize the club.  The kids are determined and are a great group of runners.

Have a great weekend!