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Dance Club Info
by Julien Michaud - Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 9:09 AM

**This message is for the families of students in Dance Club.**

Dress Rehearsal: There will be a dress rehearsal at school on Friday, April 5th at 12:45 in the Big Gym.  This performance will be open to families, so please feel free to attend if you cannot make it to UVic on the 9th.  Please have your child's hair pulled back into a HIGH ponytail or half ponytail for those with short hair. 

Dance Festival:  Students will need to come to school by 7:00 am!  All students will meet in the gym.  The bus will be arriving at school at 7:25am and leaving ASAP.  If your child is not there, you will be responsible for driving them to UVic.

Students need to empty their backpack and just bring their lunch kit and water bottle with them.  Please make sure all three items are labelled as they will be easy to misplace with 66 kids.

All Dancers: Plain Black Leggings/Pants

***Students are asked to bring these leggings and pants to school ASAP to Mme Reid. They will be collected, labelled, and stored in a costume bin.  All costumes will be handed out on the morning of the performance.

Hair: Pulled back in a HIGH ponytail. Please use hairspray/gel/bobby pins to get as much hair off your dancer’s face as possible. 

Tickets are available on the UVIC TICKET CENTRE website here: and we are the 9AM show.