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Hallowe'en Reminders

Hallowe'en Reminders
by Steve MacGregor - Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 10:05 AM

Hello, Deep Cove Community.

A short reminder about the expectations around Halloween at school.

Many staff and students will wear costumes, but if it is not in your child's "comfort zone" for any reason there are always a number of students (and usually some staff) who will be in regular clothes.

Costumes need to be elementary school appropriate.  Nothing gory or scary, and any weapons need to be left at home.  This includes toy swords, lightsabres, clubs, or anything that shoots anything.  Masks are okay as long as they're not scary, and if we notice somebody seems upset by a mask we take it off right away.

If there is any concern about a costume being in good condition for trick-or-treating by the end of what looks like it will be a rainy day please do not send it to school.

Finally, we know that Halloween is often a bit of a later night for many of our little ones.  If that is the case in your home, please consider allowing your child to catch up on their sleep a bit the next morning.  Although we believe in the importance of arriving to school on time, if November 1st is going to go smoother because we slept in, we would prefer being a bit late to having struggles through the day.

Enjoy the 31st.  Thank you!