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Concert and Ticketing Update

Concert and Ticketing Update
by Steve MacGregor - Monday, 16 April 2018, 7:40 PM

Ticket limits have been increased.  Each family is now entitled to 4 tickets for the evening concert at Parkland Secondary.  Please click here to go to the ticketing website.

If you envision needing more than 4 tickets please e-mail Ms. Shew (the wonderful Deep Cove secretary) at and we will put your request on a waiting list that we will address on Wednesday once families have had the chance to claim their 4 tickets.  In your e-mail please clearly state how many tickets you would like above the 4 currently allocated.

The evening concert is intended for all students K-5.  We understand that some may have conflicting commitments, but hope that most will participate in this special community performance.

It was a great first day of practice.  The kids sounded great and I know that it will be a wonderful community event on Thursday evening.

Details regarding Thursday evening logistics at Parkland (dress for kids, pickup and parking, etc...) to follow.