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Welcome Back! Spring Letter from Mr. MacGregor.

Welcome Back! Spring Letter from Mr. MacGregor.
by Steve MacGregor - Monday, 2 April 2018, 11:10 AM

Hello all,

We hope that Spring Break was well enjoyed and offered the opportunity for some quality family time. Term 3 of the school year is always an exciting and busy one that comes with some unique challenges.

One of the first special activities of our spring term will be the arrival of musicians, Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, our artists-in-residence for the week of April 16th-19th. The culmination of their week with us will be an evening concert that will be held at the Parkland Secondary gym on Thursday, the 19th. This venue has been chosen to ensure that each family will be able to have at least 2 tickets (likely more) which would not be a possibility in our smaller gym. More information about this evening concert and how to get tickets will be forthcoming, but in the meantime please “save the date” for the evening of Thursday, April 19th.

We also have cross-country season starting for our intermediate students, followed by track and field. Additionally, dance club is putting the finishing touches on their performance ahead of festival at UVic. This is not to mention activities outside of school: the start of ball season; the busy end of the dance year; swim club; track club. Throw in longer days and it can be very challenging to ensure that children are getting the rest they need to be able to focus on academics.

It is our job as parents and educators to help ensure that kids are arriving to their classes rested and receiving the message that school doesn't take a back seat to these other activities over the coming months. Will there be times where this is a challenge after a later evening at the ball park or the dance studio? Definitely, but it cannot become the norm if our children are to be able to manage socially and academically each day from 8:40-2:46.

When we think back to last year's presentation to our community by clinical-cousellor, Julie-Anne Richards, we will remember her message about the importance of sleep and the link to mental health and a child's ability to cope with stress.

We have a rich few months of school and related activities ahead of us. I am excited for all that is in store, and grateful for a community such as ours with which to share these things. Let's make sure that we are giving our kids their best chance of being successful at school this spring by insisting on balance.

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Steve MacGregor


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