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Your Help Required.

Your Help Required.
by Steve MacGregor - Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 11:48 AM

Hello all,

Our community needs your help with a couple of matters that can't be solved unless everyone is on board.

We have seen some increasingly frequent issues with cars parked in unsafe areas marked as no parking zones, idle free zones, or staff parking.  This causes visibility issues, and leads to people becoming impatient and making unsafe decisions that could lead to a serious injury.  Please respect the signage and markings in the parking and drop off areas, and drive with extreme care as little ones are around and may be hard to see.  Many families have taken to parking a block or two away and walking the short distance to avoid the congested areas near the school, and the fire hall and church have graciously said we could park in their lots.

Secondly, we have a small number of children that are causing a huge mess in the school as they do not change their shoes, tracking mud in from the play areas after playing outside.  It is a very small number of children who still need to be bringing running shoes that stay here for inside use and are appropriate for PE.  We have more than half our school year and a lot of wet weather ahead of us so this is a must.  If this requirement poses a financial hardship for your family, please discreetly let your child's classroom teacher, Mme. McCron, or Mr. MacGregor know and we will help to find a solution to this problem.

Both of these issues require everybody to be on board, and not just the majority to be successful.  Please make sure that you are doing your part.

Thank you, Deep Cove Community!