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CPF Maple Syrup!

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CPF Maple Syrup!
by PAC Website Coordinator - Tuesday, 6 February 2018, 11:53 PM

Happy New Year CPF Members

Buy Maple Syrup/ sirop d’érable ! Delicious, beautifully pure, 100%-additive-free syrup.

Canadian Parents for French - Saanich Chapter, is arranging another important fundraiser to help us support French learning at our FI schools in Saanich.

We are offering parents/families/students the chance to buy top quality maple syrup, direct from Quebec and maple lollipops. This fundraiser has been a huge success at other local schools and we hope people will consider to support.
We offer 540 ml cans and bulk buy (x8 cans) and maple lollipops at very competitive prices, with all profits going to our group.

We use all the profits raised to support French learning at our Saanich Schools.

Example of how some of our funds have supported additional French learning in Saanich:

Reading programs: Pilot French radio show: French Karate workshops: French Cooking classe: French Improv Workshop, French Debate Workshop: French magazine subscription: French Posters: Summer activites/games: French books: Monetary gift to the French department: K-12 Gift Celebration etc: French films etc

With more membership funds and fundraising $$ we can offer more exciting, additional services : Books, Film subscriptions, Guest visitors, local trips etc.

Please support us by printing off the attached order form, complete and return with your payment to one of our FI school offices (Keating, Deep Cove, Bayside or Stelly’s) for CPF no later than March 1st. If you have no students, then please drop off at Bayside for CPF collection. Orders will be delivered for your collection week commencing April 1st. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes
Sandra Arthur and Christine Malmberg
Co-Chair/CPF - Saanich