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Special Funding Requests 2016/17

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Special Funding Requests 2016/17
by PAC Website Coordinator - Friday, 15 April 2016, 9:30 AM

Good morning Deep Cove parents, 

As you are aware, Special Funding Requests (SFRs) are how the PAC determines where to allocate the funds raised through the Christmas Fair and other fundraising efforts. Through the SFR process, parents/guardians, faculty and administration put forward ideas for programs, events, resources etc. to support the kids and enhance their school experience.

Traditionally, the SFR process happens in mid-September, however this timing poses a challenge for both parents and staff as it’s such a busy time of year. The PAC executive and school administration discussed this at length and we would like to transition the SFR process to May. While this is coming up fairly quickly, we believe that in the long run it will lead to a more participatory and improved process. We will discuss and vote on the proposed transition at the April 20th PAC General Meeting.


In order to accommodate this change, we need to alter our PAC meeting schedule for the next couple of months (list of dates below).  You can find a downloadable version of the SFR form on the PAC page of the school website (Parents/PAC Page/General Information and Updates/Special Funding Requests). Even if you don’t submit an SFR, we encourage all parents/guardians to attend the SFR budget meeting – this is your opportunity to help decide how we allocate the funds. We are incredibly fortunate to have these kinds of resources to support our kids and it’s important for parents/guardians to participate in the decision making process.


Should you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the PAC.


Your PAC Exec

April 20th – PAC General Meeting. Vote on SFR process changes. This will also be a good opportunity to learn more about the SFR process and submissions if you have questions.

May 20th – SFRs are due. They can be dropped off at the office to the attention of the PAC Executive

May 24th – PAC Executive Meeting to review SFR submissions and develop draft budget/recommendations

May 25th – Draft SFR budget distributed to parents/guardians for review

June 8th – PAC General Meeting to vote on the draft SFR budget