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Family Dance - FLASHMOB!! (for parents to surprise our kids)

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Family Dance - FLASHMOB!! (for parents to surprise our kids)
by PAC Website Coordinator - Thursday, 8 May 2014, 12:19 PM

Hello all Deep Cove parents!

Only one more sleep until our first Family Dance!

Who's up for a FLASHMOB?
Who: All parents who plan to be in attendance at this Friday's Family Dance!
What: A surprise dance that we've all attempted to learn secretly, that we'll perform all together when our chosen song (TREASURE, by Bruno Mars) comes on!
When: The Family Dance starts at 6:00 this Friday, and we'll play our song around 7:15.  Your cue will simply be the beginning of the song, at which time you'll casually make your way out to the dance floor - just dance away on your own and start the routine when the chorus comes on!  Repeat with each chorus.

I'm attaching two videos...One of the combination with music, and one slowed down without the music.  Hopefully you can find the song online to practice along with!

On behalf of the Deep Cove Spirit Committee, thank you in advance for getting out there to surprise our kids with this!  Don't worry if you're a terrible's the Spirit that counts!  We'll all be out there together having fun with it.  

See you tomorrow!