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Vision Therapy Event

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Vision Therapy Event
by PAC Website Coordinator - Tuesday, 29 April 2014, 12:03 PM


Many of you have indicated that you have friends, colleagues, educators or other health professionals who want to know more about the success you've seen with vision therapy in relation to reading and learning.

Raising awareness in this area is personally important to me because I witnessed the effects of undiagnosed visual learning conditions on my immediate family as I was growing up.

I am excited to announce that we have teamed up with The Visual Process (a not for profit organization), and the Rotary Literacy Roundtable to offer an information night on vision and learning.

Please join us at 7pm on Tuesday May 6th at the Berwick Royal Oak Theatre (4680 Elk Lake Drive), as I explore the relationship between vision and learning.  There is a link to the PDF full size EVENT POSTER here.

1 out of every 4 children has a visual condition that will interfere with learning and studies have shown that over 98% of juvenile delinquents were found to have visual learning conditions.  Many children are either left struggling with undiagnosed visual conditions, or may be mis-diagnosed with other learning disabilities based on their symptoms.  These conditions are not always picked up on standard eye testing or learning disability testing.  

With your support we can raise awareness and help inform public policy to address these issues and help our children reach their full potential.  I have been working patients flying in from New York (some of you may have seen our traveling visitors at the clinic), and am in the process of helping their school create a clinic to treat the visually related learning conditions.  With enough awareness and support locally hopefully we can achieve the same.

Yours in vision,

Dr. Cameron McCrodan