Bussing Information

Winter Bussing Information
1. SD63 Transportation phone-line is: 250-652-7343 (hours are 7:15am – 4:00pm). For school / bussing updates you can also go to the district webpage (www.sd63.bc.ca) or “twitter@sd63bus” and become a follower.
2. School buses may be late or may not even arrive. Students should wait for 20 minutes and
  if they have not been picked up then they should return home or follow the plan laid out by their parents/guardians. It is really important that parents/guardians have a plan for their children should the school bus does not arrive.
3. IN THE EVENT OF BAD WEATHER, by 6:15am the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Keven
  Elder informs area radio stations (e.g CFAX, The Q, CBC Radio, The Ocean, A Channel and CH News) that School District No. 63 schools are closed and/or school buses are cancelled.


Never throw snowballs, ice or anything at the bus. Cold snow and warm windows do not mix and if windows shatter, glass fragments could cause injuries. Do not encourage or provoke others to throw snowballs.

1.Stay at least 2 meters from the bus. Due to road conditions buses can slide as they are stopping so
please stay well out of the way. Cars may also fail to stop, slide or may lose control so be aware whenever you are around them. Look out for your own safety as well as for the safety of your friends.
2. Be on your best behavior on the bus and at your bus stop. Poor weather requires all of the drivers attention to be able to drive safely.
3. Because of the slippery conditions be careful as you get off the bus and then get well clear of the bus.

For Information please call:
SD63 Board Office Recorded Message: 250-652-7300 OR
SD 63 Transportation Department: 250-652-7343 OR

Please see the District Transportation page for additional bussing info.

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