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Thrifty Foods Smile Cards Fundraiser

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Thrifty Foods Smile Cards Fundraiser
by PAC Website Coordinator - Friday, 5 October 2012, 9:04 AM
Thrifty Foods has once again accepted our application to the Smile Card Fundraising program and this Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year for your sponsorship. Last year the Smile Card program helped raise $3000 for school field trips; we are now looking forward to matching that amount.

If you have a Smile card from last year, dust it off and load your card prior to ringing through your groceries and then pay for your order with the Smile Card. Thrifty Foods will donate 5% of your total expenditure back to Deep Cove School to help offset the cost of field trips.

If you don't have a Deep Cove Smile card yet, please contact me at:, and I will send one out to you. Simply, use your card every time you shop at Thrifty's and keep using your card throughout the school year until we reach our $3000 fundraising goal.

For anyone wishing more information, please contact me at: or 250-652-8447.

Thank-you for supporting this fundraising effort,

Monica Copeland