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Hot Lunch

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Hot Lunch
by Monica Pellizzari - Monday, 2 October 2017, 3:09 PM

It's time to order HOT LUNCH for your child(ren)!  We are using the very efficient online ordering system again through Munch-a-Lunch.  
There's a green link on the left-hand side of Deep Cove's webpage to take you right to the log in:
You'll need to update your child's class, order their food (might as well do it all the way to January!), pay online and that's it!  
If you need to pay by cheque or cash, you can still do the order then bring payment to the office.  
If you need to do a paper form or have any questions, please contact us directly -
Flora at or Bridget at

PLEASE ORDER YOUR CHILD'S LUNCH by OCTOBER 17TH to avoid a disappointed child(ren). 
We trust you to help us have a smooth day on October 27th.