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Summer Mindfulness Programs

Summer Mindfulness Programs
by Steve MacGregor - Thursday, 15 June 2017, 9:50 AM

Hello all,

Please see the information below and the poster attached for information about summer mindfulness programs offered by Tara Logan who has worked with the school over the past years to incorporate mindfulness into our school culture.


With the  school year ending, continuing with consistent/safe learning throughout the summer may be on your mind, and how to support your students emotional learning as well- Mindfulness, the huge health benefits are everywhere but the latest leading body of research is showing the younger we have these skills the more our whole culture benefits. 

  With the success of our  sold out Summer  Mindfulness/Art program last year and this year's after school Mindfulness Yoga Programs( also sold out) all year long,  the only adjustment our parents wanted was FULL Days this summer. 
 FULL DAY Summer Mindfulness/Yoga and Art Programs are back for the entire summer 2017!
Tara Logan (Yoga Therapist who has worked in this school district for 4 years now and has taught Mindfulness programs for 10 years across the province of BC)  and Makini Calliste- Woollard( Art Therapist) both specializing in children's programs have teamed up again to offer a Therapeutic program that keeps learning fun and consistent while addressing anxiety, trauma, and emotional issues that can surface and impact learning for children. 
In a small group( max. of 10-12 children) we work on focus, self-regulation and resilience through games, nature explorations/walks daily and amazing art/science projects- ex; glow- in the -dark eye pillows, kindness mailboxes, kaleidoscopes, marine animals and mindfulness gnomes made out of clay and much more!  The older tween/teen group will be challenged with activities like walking on eggs in our Science week and making their Mindjars to have a tangible example of how thoughts and emotions work.