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pac meeting tomorrow

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pac meeting tomorrow
by PAC Website Coordinator - Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 1:14 PM

Parent and guardians,

Just a reminder of tomorrow PAC General meeting at 7pm.  We will  be holding elections for the following PAC Executive positions:

·       Co-secretary position is vacant (serving with Elissa Kember)

·       Vacant (this is a great one for a pair to do)

·       Co-volunteer coordinator position is vacant (serving with Kelli Emms)

·       Vacant (this is a great one for a pair to do)


As you know, PAC initiatives raise upwards of 30k that go directly toward enhancing your child’s elementary school experience. It’s so important that we have parents to help ensure this continues.


It’s entirely likely that you might have some misconceptions about what it means to serve on the PAC Executive. We can assure that it will not take over your life, we’re all really fun to hang out with and it’s actually an enjoyable experience!  We meet once a month and, depending on the position you hold, any volunteer activities are entirely manageable.  Most of our positions are held by two people to make it super easy.


We will also be voting on the Draft 2017/18 PAC Budget tomorrow so we encourage you to attend and be a part of the discussion.


See you then!