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Letter for all parents of DCS

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Letter for all parents of DCS
by PAC Website Coordinator - Friday, 10 February 2017, 1:30 PM


Parent and guardians,

We will  be holding elections for PAC Executive positions at the February 22nd PAC General Meeting. We have several vacant positions and really hope that a number of you would be willing to step in. As you know, PAC initiatives raise upwards of 30k that go directly toward enhancing your child’s elementary school experience. It’s so important that we have parents to help ensure this continues.


It’s entirely likely that you might have some misconceptions about what it means to serve on the PAC Executive. We can assure that it will not take over your life, we’re all really fun to hang out with and it’s actually an enjoyable experience!  We meet once a month and, depending on the position you hold, any volunteer activities are entirely manageable.  Most of our positions are held by two people to make it super easy.  So find a friend and join the PAC!!  The following are a list of the available positions:




Overview of Responsibilities

Previously Held By (feel free to reach out to this person if you have questions about the position)


Co-secretary position is vacant (serving with Elissa Kember)


·       Take minutes at monthly meetings

·       Ensure minutes are posted on PAC webpage

Annilee Armstrong

CoPACs Representative


Vacant (this is a great one for a pair to do)


·       Act as a liaison between CoPACs and Deep Cove PAC, relay information back and forth

Melissa Drolet

Volunteer Co-ordinator


Co-volunteer coordinator position is vacant (serving with Kelli Emms)


·       Distribute volunteer sign up sheets in April and Sept

·       Track who has signed up for what positions

·       Communicate to Executive what positions are outstanding (note that the volunteer coordinators are not responsible for doing the work associated with vacant positions)

Colette Hopkins

Spirit Committee Co-ordinator

Vacant (this is a great one for a pair to do)


·       Coordinate activities 2 or 3 times a year aimed at building school spirit and community, and having fun!

·       Activities have included end of year bbq, school dance and movie nights

·       Volunteer coordinators  recruit for people to serve on the spirit committee – this role is for the coordinator of the committee (in other words you aren’t doing everything yourself)

Rebekah Hunter






We will also be voting to accept the draft annual budget at the Feb 22nd meeting. Please note that this is our annual budget and is different from the Special Funding Request process (which happens in May). The draft PAC budget for 2017/18 is attached.