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Sooke Parent Meeting

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Sooke Parent Meeting
by PAC Website Coordinator - Thursday, 5 January 2017, 1:39 PM

Hello Everyone,

The Force Society is having a Parent meeting January 12th at The Sooke Family Resource Center.  It will be an opportunity to connect with other parents and learn about The Four Step C.A.R.E. Model of Conflict Management Presented by Brenda McCreight.  We will watch a one hour webinar followed by a discussion about this or any other topics that are challenging parents at this time.

This webinar will provide families who parent kids with mental health challenges with effective strategies for managing caregiver/child conflict, ongoing, sever or occasional. This would be helpful for parents whose children have mental health challenges such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional  Defiance Disorder or moderate to sever Anxiety.

Brenda McCreight?
is a Therapist and Mediator, Author and Trainer and the mother to 14 children.  Brenda  specializes in behaviour disorders and will walk us through the Four Care Model.  Once you learn how to use these STEPS you will be able to quickly and safely de-escalate almost every conflict episode in your family, saving time and energy as well as improving the over all livability of your home life.

If you would like to watch from home or the office, this webinar is available now for viewing!

?Date & Time: Jan. 12th from 7 pm - 9pm
Location: Sooke Family Resource Society, ?6672 Wadams Way, Sooke


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