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Theme Basket Competition

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Theme Basket Competition
by PAC Website Coordinator - Thursday, 17 November 2016, 1:37 PM

Ready for a Christmas Fair Competition?

Get a group of friends, or take on the task alone!  Get a basket, box or container, fill it with goodies and bundle it up to be auctioned off at the Christmas Fair!  Decorate it, make it stand out, make it sell! Just make sure we can see most of what is inside (don't forget a list to put with the package so people know what they're bidding on!)

The themed item that is auctioned off for the most money at the Christmas Fair will win a prize! $50 category winner enjoys a $25 gift certificate and the $100 category winner will enjoy a $50 gift certificate to the Deep Cove Market (or maybe a trophy... and of course, bragging rights!!).  One winner in each category!  In the event of a tie, a random draw will be made.

The ideas provided are not the only ones you can do, if you have a different idea not listed, go for it! Take the theme and run with it, make it what you think it should be, this is open to your creativity and interpretation!

The ideas posted are so that we don't have 25 of the same thing.  If you choose one from the list, sign up so that we know it's taken, and we know how to contact you should you win!  Please don't sign up and not be committed.  (this also helps us establish enough table space to display items on)

If you're signing up for something not listed and wish to be a part of the the "competition", please email to make sure your entry is logged!  If you don't contact us, or sign up, we won't know your item is part of this fun competition.  There will potentially be other gift baskets donated from businesses that will not be a part of this, we don't want yours confused with theirs.

Teachers may ALSO have a basket in their rooms taking donations as well! You may choose to participate in both, one, or none.  Their baskets can be a part of this if you, as a class decide to!  We truly want to see as many items in the silent auction as possible.

How it works: Make a theme basket/box/container, within the cost parameters.  All entries in the $50 category will contain no more than $50 worth of merchandise and/or services.  All entries in the $100 category will contain no more than $100 worth of merchandise and/or services.  This makes the contest fair, if you put together your theme and it's $75, it should be entered in the $100 category.  Wrap it up in clear cellophane (if need be) and drop it off at the school.  Label it with the theme!!

When: This is due by December 1, 2016 (anytime before is OK too)

Where: Please drop off at the school office.

**the sign up form will ask twice to make sure we know which price category you are committing to**