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Safe KIDS Program- Sheepdog Self Protection Inc

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Safe KIDS Program- Sheepdog Self Protection Inc
by PAC Website Coordinator - Monday, 2 May 2016, 11:17 PM

Good evening,

My name is Kris Greffard. My husband, Francois, and I own a company called
Sheepdog Self Protection Inc. We provide self protection training to
children, teenagers, men, and women.

Our most popular program is our Safe KIDS Program. Safe KIDS stands for
“Keeping our children Informed, Defensible, and Safer”. Our motto is to
enlighten not frighten. You may recognize this program as being previously
offered by Darren and Beth Laur of Personal Protection Systems Inc.
Francois and I have taken over the delivery of this program with their

The Safe KIDS program is a 1 hour seminar for children ages 5-10 years of

Topics covered in the Safe KIDS seminar include:
-        A child’s 6 special powers of self protection
-        Street safety rules
-        Home alone rules
-        I’m lost or in trouble rules
-        Safe places when help is needed
-        Its my body rules
-        Good touching vs. bad touching
-        Realistic physical and verbal strategies

We also offer parent programs that focus on child abduction and sexual
exploitation prevention. These programs are the adult/ parent version of
the Safe KIDS seminar. Our parent programs provide parents and/ or
caregivers current stats, education, and tips to reinforce with children
to prevent our children from becoming victims.

As parents, our #1 priority is to keep our children safe. Our training
helps children respond to difficult situations. We don’t teach stranger
danger. We teach situational danger. The topics covered in our Safe KIDS
seminar opens the door to parent child conversations. The parent programs
provide tips for parents on how to discuss these sensitive topics with
their children.

For more details on our programs please visit our website:

Kris and Francois Greffard