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CPF Role - Need Parent Helper

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CPF Role - Need Parent Helper
by PAC Website Coordinator - Thursday, 16 April 2015, 8:03 AM
Dear Parents/Guardians,
we are in need of a parent or Guardian to take over the Role of the CPF Rep for Deep Cove Elementary as soon as possible.  Susan Fidyk has been volunteering her time in this role for the last 4 years and her term has now expired.  In order to continue receiving vital Funds for events like the Maple Man, we need a Rep.  Our school receives $250 per year for French Language resources as well as the potential for other funding requests.  The Rep is NOT required to speak French.  Please see the detailed description of the role below.  If you are interested in taking on this Role, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Collette Hopkins (  Feel free to contact the former Rep Susan Fidyk ( with any questions.
CPF (Canadian Parents for French)  Saanich Chapter; Deep Cove Representative:
- Meetings are once per month (2nd Wednesday of month); alternating between two elementary schools (Keating and Deep Cove).
- One or two meetings per month with the PAC of Deep Cove school (Executive and General).  Only required to attend the General meeting.  
- Liaison  between Deep Cove and CPF about CPF business and events.
- Facilitate requests from French Language Teacher Coordinator (this is Mme. Beaudry at Deep Cove).  These requests are usually asking to fund a French event/presentation at Deep Cove.
- Assist the CPF Fundraising Coordinator with the Annual Magazine Drive fundraiser in the fall.  handing out the catalogues to each class and some collection of $$ if required, distributing prizes at the end of the campaign.
- Organize the Bonjour/Bonne Nuit night at Deep Cove.
All these responsibilities are supported by the rest of the executive of the Canadian Parents for French -- Saanich Chapter.