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Help Kai on his Healing Journey - February 12 @2pm - Deep Cove School

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Help Kai on his Healing Journey - February 12 @2pm - Deep Cove School
by PAC Website Coordinator - Monday, 2 February 2015, 8:39 AM

In order to help Kai and his family, the school is hosting a head shaving fundraiser!! This event is organized by parent Shelley McCliggot (
We are sharing this to get the word out!

Many of you know about Kai and his story, but if not, the background is:
Kai is a 6 year-old kindergarten student from Sidney, BC who was diagnosed with cancer (ALCL Lymphoma) in December 2014. ALCL is a very rare and serious form of cancer and he and his parents were immediately rushed to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. They are currently living at the Ronald McDonald House (a truly wonderful facility right next door to the hospital) and Kai has already begun chemotherapy. His treatment is expected to take 6-12 months. Our goal is to raise enough funds to let them devote 100% of their focus and energy on his recovery.

Pledge forms are attached, or are available on the Deep Cove webpage (, or by emailing Shelly, or the PAC Executive (, or watch for the Deep Cove School newsletter!

As well on February 12th, at 11:35 (lunch hour) and 2:48 (dismissal) there will be a bake/fresh veggie/fruit sale. Our PAC Spirit Committee is encouraging all parents of the school to consider baking something or providing ready to eat delicious fresh veggies and fruit to sell. We would ask the children ahead of time to bring along a loonie or two to buy an item and that money will be donated to Kai's fund for expenses while in Vancouver receiving treatment. Please share this with other parents, it's an excellent opportunity to share in our Deep Cove Community Spirit and an easy way for families to help!!! 

Look for more information and mark February 12th on your calendar. 

Also, links to the family's page for updates can be found on the Deep Cove School webpage, or under the "Community Links" portion of the PAC webpage.